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I'm still adding links to this page. If you now of any great duct tape links, please e-mail them to JustDucky4u2Day@aol.com

Duct Tape Links

The Duct Tape Guys
Tim and Jim (the duct tape guys) have their own web site. They are both highly trained duct tape pro's. Their site has tons of duct tape information, stories and pictures. You can also buy their books, videos and clothing (all duct tape related).

The Duck Tape Club
This is another great duct tape site. You can see their monthly duct tape comic series, and write the ending to win hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Yes, stuff. Everybody needs stuff.

The Duct Tape Site by Jeff T.
This is a totally awsome duct tape site. It contains a lot of humor as well as a live duct tape webcam, links to other duct tape sites, and uses for duct tape. Definately check this one out.
Duct Tape Temple
A place to respect theUses, Versatility, and Beauty of our favorite adhesive.
Red Green
"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." This is just a small amount of wisdom our favorite (but sometimes misguided) Canadian Duct Tape Pro's have to offer.
Manco, INC.
FYI, Manco is a producer of duck brand duct tape. Their site is THE BEST resource on the web for learning more about duct tape. BTW, 2002 is the 60th birthday of Duct Tape.

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