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About JustDucky Enterprise

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Sketch of Ducky, proprietor of JustDucky Enterprise. He is shown with piles of duct tape.

JustDucky was created by Ducky in his effort to spread the joy of Duct Tape throughout the entire world. One day he accidentally found that he could make really cool things out of duct tape. So he made some flowers and rings and gave them to people. He saw that it made them happy, so he bought a lot of duct tape one day and just sat down and made things. Then he decided he had better find a way to pay for all the duct tape he had purchased, so he decided to start selling the things he made. The rest is history.

When asked about his obsession with duct tape, Duck quickly states that he is NOT OBSESSED with duct tape; he merely finds it entertaining to construct useful items using a waterproof adhesive (This may have something to do with his four head injuries as a child). So we just let him sit there in the basement with his duct tape, and he seems to be quite happy.

Our Executive Team

These are the people who make it happen:

Ducky; Founder, CEO, Duct Tape Pro

Kenneth Macy; Oswego Sales Associate

Rick Adams; Webmaster

Doctor Evil, Head of "Hold The World Ransom" Dept. (Mwahahahaha), United Nations Relations Expert

Mission Statement

JustDucky Enterprise is committed to providing high quality hand-crafted products made of duct tape to our customers. We are also committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and spreading the joy of duct tape throughout the entire world.

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